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real-estate websites

Property listing websites that work

At Borg Systems, we specialize in creating websites for real estate agents and brokers. Of course there are a lot of other companies offering real estate websites, but we believe we are one of the best.

Our websites don't just look good, but more importantly, they work well. The internet has changed the way people buy property. Now,more than 90% of prospective buyers will do all of their research on the internet before contacting a realtor and arranging a viewing. The realtors with the best websites get the best clients.

The key factors that make our real-estate websites better than the rest:

Backed up with our proven search engine optimization skills, getting your real-estate website from Borg Systems is the best route to take if you want more clients.

Other optional facilities we can provide include, many of which are unique to us, include:

Superior website technology

If you are after a superior real estate website that is flexible, fast and feature-packed, then talk to us.

If you are not serious about selling real-estate, and you want a cheap or even a free real-estate website, have a look at Open Realty or WordPress. Most other web designers use Open Realty's or WordPress's free software to build their websites. Although you might not know it, you would be merely be paying them for setting up the free software and changing a few colors and graphics.

And while these options are fine considering they are free, they do not compare to a bespoke system. Kind of like comparing elementary school kids playing football to a Super Bowl game!

If you don't plan to get many website visitors and don't plan to sell much real-estate, these free options may suffice.

However, if your time is valuable, contact us today to discuss imcreasing your real-estate sales with a professional web presence.