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social network marketing

Do you need Social Media Marketing? It may not be for everyone, but more businesses can benefit from social marketing than you may think.

The Social Networks are larger than ever and show no sign of slacking their expansion. Your business could benefit from focused interaction on some of these networks.

Social Marketing is more than just setting up a Facebook page - much more. You can do this yourself, and it may help, but effective social marketing is much more than this.

Effective social marketing is about interacting with your network, growing your network of people who value your business. There are many ways we can do this. If your Facebook fan page still has just 5 'likes', then it is not helping you.

Not enough time to do it yourself? We can set up social network accounts and fan pages for your business. We can also maintain and manage your postings and interactions with customers, giving them more reason to interact with you.

The key social networks areas we can assist you with are Facebook fan pages and Twiiter followers.

Facebook business / fan page

Not got enough time to post regularly and think of useful updates? We can do all of this for you as part of a social marketing campaign.

Not got enough followers or 'likes' to your Facebook page? There is little point spending the time on updates to your page if no-one will see them. We can get your page out to a wider audience so you will get 100's or 1000's of followers - guaranteed! Then your updates will be seen.


A Twitter account is useful for sending short messages to your customers or 'followers'. Again, you need to have a reasonable number of followers, otherwise your effort is being wasted. We can get you 100's or even 1000's of followers, and keep them updated with focused and interesting messages. Keeping in contact with 1000's of interested followers can do wonders for your business!


Google Maps, Google Places and Google+ can also be used for certain types of businesses. Ask us for more info on these and other social network accounts.

What are people saying about your business?

We can also monitor the interenet for people and websites mentioning your business. Good or bad, we’ll let you know where and when your company is mentioned and how to handle the situation. Defusing online complaints quickly can be the key to winning more happy customers. Leaving complaints to grow and fester is a sure way to kill your business.

Social Marketing

If your time is valuable and you want to maximize the opportunities out there, contact us today to discuss increasing your online presence with Social Media Marketing.